Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Flat in B Minor

A little over three years ago Brian Schlachta, Kip Hardy and myself produced "A Flat in B Minor" and submitted it to several Animation Festivals around the world. It eventually played in six festivals up and down the west coast from Los Angeles to Anchorage, Alaska. We're coming down the home stretch on the sequel. We're hoping to have it completed sometime this spring.


  1. Thanks Greg! We finished that one off about 4 years ago and had it play in a bunch of Kid's animation festivals up and down the west coast. It was fun. We're almost finished the sequel!
    Brian Schlachta is an amazing 3D animator/ fx animator. We've been having fun working to Kip's music. I've been keeping the films short so we can get through them in ... 4 years. Gonna have to quit the day job so I can do this all the time….one day.